Each of our teams makes a focused contribution to the overall mission of churchNEXT by working together in the following three groups: Reimagining Church, Transforming Leaders, and Pioneering Initiatives.

churchNEXT Teams 2018

churchNEXT teams and families at our global conference // August 2018

Reimagining Church

Our Reimagining Church teams work with established ministries and leaders to reimagine what it means to be the Church engaging a lost and broken world. They seek to mobilize the existing Church for sustained Kingdom impact in communities and among those who are not-yet-believers.



reFocusing equips pastors to live out their calling and lead their churches to make new disciples as they impact their local community.


Team – reFocusing
David Knaup, Kirk Mackie, Randy Steele, David Zimmerman, Robb Hattem, Kirk Kirlin, Nick Greenwood, and Gary Janetzke



RYFO is a ministry to musicians that exists to eliminate the cultural divide between the Church and the music scene. RYFO awakens faith among the artists they serve, shapes their identity biblically, and aids them in discovering a redemptive purpose for the art they create.


Team – RYFO
Uriah McCarthy, David Hamilton, Stacy Knapp and Simeon Lohrmann



Engage focuses primarily on East Africa where they train leaders to be change agents in the transformative work of Gospel movements.


Team – Engage
Todd Dallanegra, Randy (and Karin) Knutson, and Tom Dumbacher



Bridge positions local churches for the future by equipping them to raise up and follow leaders from emerging generations---supporting those leaders and the disruptive ideas necessary to reach the world around us.


Team – Bridge
Bob Thomas



ACTIVATE(D) develops the spiritual life and missional focus of emerging leaders who are called as pioneers to make new disciples of Jesus in their communities and contexts.


Team – Activate(d)
Nick Greenwood, Jenny Switkes, Jillyan MacMorris, Randy Steele, Gary Janetzke

Transforming Leaders

Our Transforming Leaders teams address the soul and sustainability of leaders. They help leaders discover deep transformation through abiding intimacy with God and partnership with His redemptive work in the world.



ReWire transforms Christ-followers from the inside out by equipping them to deepen their spiritual journey, develop a sense of calling, and live as missionaries in their community.


Team – ReWire
Seth Dickson, Alison Moscoso, Bruce Jackson, Bryan Ward, Dave Linder, Karolyn Stenlund, JD Ward, Daleen Ward, Doug Humphreys, Tony Duppong, Mark Westlind, Yovani Alvarado, Kim Blomdal, Marcello Domingo, Kathy Cocoran, and Dan Hutt

Imago Christi


Imago Christi invites Christian leaders into an intimate and transforming relationship of love with the Trinity so that the love of God will overflow through the Church into a world that desperately needs Him.


Team – Imago Christi
Roy Graham, Stella Ma, Ralph Dawson, Liz Hayden, Valerie Dawson, Melanie Saint James, Tom Hillman, Kathy Pyrc, Tim Musslewhite, Tom and Charlotte Ashbrook, John Pyrc, Bill O’Byrne, and Kevin and Susan Navarro



ReNew helps strengthen the souls of Christian leaders so they thrive in every season of life and ministry.


Team – ReNew
Holly Jauregui, Erin Bair, Angelie Ryah, Shaun & Maria Sheahan, David & Melissa Mettler, Ellen Burany, Tiffany Bird, Mark Vaughan, and Jenny Walley

Pioneering Initiatives

Pioneering Initiatives is a collection of leaders and teams situated around the world committed to multiplying disciples and leaders from among the harvest with the celebrated outcome of new expressions of multiplying churches.

PI Teams


Pioneering Initiatives teams are currently ministering in the following locations around the world.

Team – Pioneering Initiatives – United States

Western Colorado, Oklahoma City, Central Coast California

Team – Pioneering Initiatives – Scotland
Glasgow, Scotland
Team – Pioneering Initiatives – Italy
Perugia, Italy
Team – Pioneering Initiatives – Spain
Malaga, Spain
Team – Pioneering Initiatives – Serbia
Novi Sad, Serbia
Team – Pioneering Initiatives – Uganda
Northeastern Uganda


Team – Pioneering Initiatives
Adam Penketh, Andy Ashworth, Jonathan and Michelle Rosa, Deric & Amber Moen, Ryan Andrews, Jeff and Jenifer Ott, Bryan and Andrea Thiele, Ken & Beth Primrose, Darren and Jen Rusco, Lee & Jana Price, Andrew & Kerri Meador

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