Called Beyond the Hampster Wheel of Busyness into Experiencing God’s Love

TEAM:  Imago Christi

SUBJECT:  Pastor Jake  |  Aurora, Colorado

I am a bi-vocational pastor of a small church in Aurora, Colorado. My name is Jake and I was a frayed and exhausted pastor.

What I realized was that the business and busyness of my work and my pastoral life put me into a rut. I led a churn and burn way of life just trying to keep everything afloat. Running on this hamster wheel, I took my focus off of the most important thing, God’s love for me and his invitation to dwell with me eternally.

That’s where I was, when God interrupted my life of crazy-making through the ministry of Imago Christi. I began to participate in a monthly pastors gathering and in one-on-one follow-up coaching. Together these experiences have been instrumental in revitalizing my relationship with Jesus. I am discovering how to journey deeply with God.

One step after another, God used Kevin and the team to lead me back to the extravagant goodness and steadfast love of God. I am learning to trust in His love and to abide with Him through both the mundane and the exciting realities of this bi-vocational life.

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Imago Christi


Imago Christi invites Christian leaders into an intimate and transforming relationship of love with the Trinity so that the love of God will overflow through the Church into a world that desperately needs Him.


Team – Imago Christi
Roy Graham, Stella Ma, Ralph Dawson, Liz Hayden, Valerie Dawson, Melanie Saint James, Tom Hillman, Kathy Pyrc, Tim Musslewhite, Tom and Charlotte Ashbrook, John Pyrc, Bill O’Byrne, and Kevin and Susan Navarro

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