Called Beyond the Chasm between the Church and the World of Musicians


SUBJECT:  Garrett Russell

On any given night of the week there’s a concert going on in most major cities around the world. Much like the platform of influence that teaching pastors have during Sunday services, these events place musicians on a platform of cultural influence in the lives of the fans who have come to watch them perform.

This reality presents a massive opportunity for Gospel influence in culture, but sadly our regular experience has shown us that the Church has largely abandoned the entertainment world as Satan’s playground rather than embracing it as a mission field that’s desperately in need of the Gospel.

Into this mission field of opportunity and need, RYFO (a churchNEXT team) works to eliminate the cultural divide between the Church and the musician community. We are people who live rooted in and called to reconcile both worlds--the church and the musician community.

We are working to catalyze a global movement of hope among musicians. A movement we believe will not only transform the lives of musicians inside and outside of the church, but will ultimately transform culture around the world through Gospel influence. We live into this mission by serving and discipling both the missionally called musician, as well as the spiritually speaking artist.

An example from one of those musicians RYFO has been working with is Garrett Russell of Silent Planet. Garrett gets it and talk about his longings this way:

I’ve concluded that it’s not ministry or worship if it doesn’t require something of me. If it’s convenient then I’m probably missing it. And, I finally understand experientially how so many people are hurt by the church. I don’t have answers, but I see groups like RYFO trying to reimagine it and there’s hope there. I hope our shows can be that, too. [In our shows] I want people to experience the love of God that I’ve found in a non-religious setting; I want them to experience God freely.
Garrett Russell

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RYFO is a ministry to musicians that exists to eliminate the cultural divide between the Church and the music scene. RYFO awakens faith among the artists they serve, shapes their identity biblically, and aids them in discovering a redemptive purpose for the art they create.


Team – RYFO
Uriah McCarthy, David Hamilton, Stacy Knapp and Simeon Lohrmann

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