The Five Marks of churchNEXT

These five core commitments transcend the strategies of our teams to define the way we live, the way we serve, and the imprint we want to leave behind on everyone we touch.


Transforming Communion
with Christ

We are committed to living and leading out of abiding intimacy with Christ. While skills and experience matter, lasting influence flows from spiritual authority anchored in deep work of Jesus.

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Living on Mission

We are committed to living lives of everyday missionality in our neighborhoods and networks—with a bias for the poor and marginalized. This is the normal Christian life Jesus intended.

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Normalizing the Supernatural

We are committed to paying attention to and engaging the reality of the supernatural as a normal way of life. It is our native instinct.

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Empowering Multi-generational Leaders

We are committed to co-laboring with leaders from across the lines of generation and gender. Empowering men and women of every generation unleashes the church in all its forms.

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Catalyzing and Supporting Movements of the Gospel

We are committed to aligning our focus and our energies in order to impact movements of the Gospel that multiply new disciples, new expressions of the church, and the transformation of their communities.

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What We Do

While each of our teams contributes to the big picture in unique ways, we work toward 3 fundamental outcomes.

Reimagining Church

Mobilizing existing expressions of church to move into the harvest to make disciples and transform communities with the good news.

Pioneering Initiatives

Multiplying new expressions of the church that begin with disciple-making in the harvest. We long to see a new generation of church multiplication.

Transforming Leaders

Addressing the soul, sustainability, and impact of leaders who live at the center of the church in all its forms.

People in our churches ache to be part of a bigger story, a church that makes a revolutionary difference in the world around us. At the core of all that we are is a God-sized mission.

Gary Mayes, DNA of a Revolution, p. 33

Why It Matters

Please browse some of our Called Beyond stories to learn about the impact of churchNEXT.

Called Beyond the Chasm between the Church and the World of Musicians

On any given night of the week there’s a concert going on in most major cities around the world. These events place musicians on a platform of cultural influence, but the Church has largely abandoned the entertainment world as Satan’s playground rather than embracing it as a mission field.


Called Beyond the Walls of our Church into Our Community

A couple years ago, First Baptist Church walked through the Missional Pathway process led by the reFocusing team. The result is that they have completely changed the way they engage their community. “In short, this has been life-changing for our church…”


Called Beyond the Hampster Wheel of Busyness into Experiencing God’s Love

I am a bi-vocational pastor of a small church in Aurora, Colorado. I was a frayed and exhausted pastor. I led a “churn and burn” way of life just trying to keep everything afloat. Running on this hamster wheel, I took my focus off of the most important thing, God’s love for me.


Who Leads Us

Our Lead Team shares well over 200 years of ministry experience as they carry responsibility for the overall health and direction of churchNEXT. We also choose to have fun as a community of people doing life together.

churchNEXT Leaders 2018

churchNEXT Lead Team fall 2018 strategic planning // Memphis, TN

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